Winter is Coming! Hot Tea & Igloos! :)

The wind is a wondrous thing. I think that everyone loves the wind to some extend or another. However there comes a time where the wind becomes to strong, or stays too long and after a while your love for the wind deteriorates. The wind becomes annoying and the only reason to have the wind around is to use it on our sails to sail away, towards something else. If the wind is not strong, you can stay in the same place. Admittedly if you want to move then it will help you, and moving is good. I guess what I’m trying to say is that as beautiful as wind is, it can cause serious damage and take you on a journey you did not want to go on, or see yourself going down, and sometimes after a while you stop loving the wind and avoid it as much as possible, in houses and such, but you recreate it with fans. I guess this is what winter does after Summer goes. Although the wind gets colder in the Winter, it knows that it’s cold, and it knows you have to go inside. Sometimes when summer comes around we still hate the wind, but at least there was a time where we loved it. All in all I am excited for Autumn and Winter! I just hope I don’t freeze!

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Beware of the Eyes of the AJ

Okay so summer screwed me over, or rather I screwed myself. 3 months without Italian… I feel like I know nothing. I have a test in basically a week in a half and I am not ready. I have a 6 day weekend and you better believe I am going to study my ass off to get an A on this freaken test. I mean I am not going to taken down by a class I was able to get an A in easy peasy lemon squeaky last semester. Nope. Watch out Italian (& all my other classes) you are about to be conquered by a girl who has “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat. 

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Okay so here I go rambling on:

I have one more year in my current college. Then I am going to transfer to one of the schools of my dreams(in another state), which will hopefully turn into my reality. Regardless of whether I get in or not I am moving to that state. I’ll get an internship over there and do that. If I have to take a semester off, so be it. Or even a year. whatever. It’s going to happen. Of course there are pros and cons. Pros: basically everything. Cons: missing my friends and memories. and goodness I love Sheldon(BBT) I only have a year. I mean a year. The last one went by so fast. and I don’t really have that much time to spend with my friends because they go to different schools so really I only have the rest of this summer, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and a half of next summer. So I guess it’s not like I don’t have time to spend with them, but it’s not actually a year. I mean there is Skype, but really that’s not really how I want to spend time with them, because that’s how I will be communicating with my friends when I move so it is basically like I already moved. 

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What even?!

Great Scott! I am basically done with school and summer is approaching. However, I just realized that I am basically done with school and summer is approaching. This means that I finished my first year of college. This went by so fast! ahhh getting old. I need to go and do more things on my bucket list. 

LOL another draft. also Past me, you have crossed off a few things on your list already. :0 x

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One of My Summer Plans

I have way too many white shirts, and too many of those are related to band. I mean seriously. I am thinking of getting together some of my fellow band friends, who also have too many white band shirts and host a tie-dying party. Just tie-dye the fuck out of them. I like this, it works out perfectly, because I also need more tie-dyed shirts. 

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So yeah…

I’m officially done with going class. Just have to finish Italian blog project. Course Evaluations and a post test online(and I can get them all wrong, it’s all a matter of participation so I’m not stressing. Timed test only 30 min)
Kinda sad. ughhh should have Facebook friended those people. 


  • should have talked to the nice, humorous, attractive guys more. whatever.
  • I understand I can study a lot more that I was at the beginning of college.
  • Only applying here…wtf was I thinking. 
  • Letting society almost take a hold of me.
  • Not calling people more./contacting as much as I want.
  • Loans

but I just remembered Pottermore so who cares about my regrets! Summer is here! well basically. 

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Hellogoodbye - Here in your arms

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Stuff to do until I can boogie on down, to summer town.

  • lol I don’t remember, because part of me just went insane and can barely remember anything. >.> looking for my planner.
  • Study for my PSYC test monday. Goal: 68% or above to get a B.
  • Get old socks, sew buttons on them, spray paint card board, write a script/wing it for my English presentation. Sock puppet show, these people are getting spoiled.
  • Finish posts for my Italian blog…for Italian.
  • also do Quia for chapter 4 for Italian also, that will take me 2ish hours. 
  • Course evaluations >:{D Hopefully I have not missed them…whatever.
  • PSYC post test that self destructs May 7th.
  • Give housing form that I am getting the fuck out of here.
  • Move out.
  • Sleep for two says
  • awake from mini-coma  start summer!
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Omg I did it. mini-miracle

done. deadline was 9pm, but I when saw that the system was going down at 10pm and the last thing I needed was them to be lying and it be before then. So I reviewed my paper a couple of times and BAM! Submitted online. OMG! I just submitted a hearty 9 page paper! I would like to thank God and my friends and family and my bed for letting get up this morning. because that mini-miracle I just pulled off was not an easy feat, especially with my week. OMG the air that I am breathing right now! ahhh it feels soooooooooooo fresh. That paper was probably the hardest part of this week, and I finished it. Now I have coffee to look forward to tomorrow with my splendid friend Dan. Thank goodness we are getting coffee, because I know that even if I go to bed now, I will still be tired a month from now. and that is what summer is for. :) ahhh bliss. I mean I am not yet finished with my week of hell, but hey close enough.

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Coming back 23 of May. Be ready.

It’s true. I am starting Xetrov back up this summer(my other blog :{D ). I am excited and you should be too. I have time so be expecting some posts.

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