Stuff to do until I can boogie on down, to summer town.

  • lol I don’t remember, because part of me just went insane and can barely remember anything. >.> looking for my planner.
  • Study for my PSYC test monday. Goal: 68% or above to get a B.
  • Get old socks, sew buttons on them, spray paint card board, write a script/wing it for my English presentation. Sock puppet show, these people are getting spoiled.
  • Finish posts for my Italian blog…for Italian.
  • also do Quia for chapter 4 for Italian also, that will take me 2ish hours. 
  • Course evaluations >:{D Hopefully I have not missed them…whatever.
  • PSYC post test that self destructs May 7th.
  • Give housing form that I am getting the fuck out of here.
  • Move out.
  • Sleep for two says
  • awake from mini-coma  start summer!
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  • 1 year ago